Presenting micro and short fiction pieces in:

The Waterloo Series

By D’Arcy Lloyd

Drawn to morsels of historical legacies, I am inspired to imagine how they might interplay with people’s lives today.  Journey with me across more than 180 years of one rural property’s life.  Taking morsels of historical legacies, we imagine how they might interplay with places and lives today, near or far from Waterloo itself. 

The premiere piece, Jeanette: The Belle of the Royal Easter is the first in a growing series of micro or short stories to be published over the coming months, from the beginning of November 2020.  Where, or when, this Series draws to a close depends on when, or if, the inspiration from Waterloo Station dries up.  It's a long way off yet.

Goethe's quote serves to remind me daily that each of us has an immutable power to imagine, and through it a limitless capacity for inspiration and discovery.  For how else could we know the world as we do today without our natural capacity to create and convey stories, fictional and non?    

I will not, could not silence my imagination.  Snippets of life glide across my neural pathways unbidden and relentlessly, then lie or perhaps circulate, waiting to be formed and shared.  It is time to release them, and to make way for those and more that follow.  I hope you will join me.