The Waterloo Series

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Jeanette: The Belle of the Royal Easter

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Final polish underway The Door to Mrs Sinclair's Office
On the 2021 drawing board

Silent Footfalls

Cinderella's Shearers' Quarters

Gifts from the Aga

 If rocks could talk

Four degrees of separation

 Stonemason's pay day

Mac's legacy

The women hunt - no more

Boots for a bed

Toe-tapping at the dinner table


Ducks on the pond

Cinderella's baby brothers

Destination: publish!  

The Complete Waterloo Series: An anthology of the micro and short fictional stories above and others, inspired by Waterloo Station.

Assuming I am speaking to kindred travellers, I hope you will ride this journey with me.  If I succeed in enriching your days in some way, I hope that you will feel as welcome as a favoured house guest who returns – often - to catch up.  

As I travel the highways and byways to the D’Arcy Lloyd ‘big-books-destinations’ and to The Unclassified Series, I invite you to drop in for the 'blurby bits' on my latest ‘little reads’, whether micro fiction, short stories, a reflection or an update.  

When you have a great and difficult task, something perhaps almost impossible; if you only work a little at a time – every day, a little – suddenly, the work will finish itself. 

Isak Dinesen/Baroness Karen Blixen, Danish author. 

Whether you have time to indulge in short stays or just enough to flash by for a quick pick-me-up, you will be as welcome as if you are popping by for a bite to eat and drink of choice, and time-out with new friend.

I look forward to your company and thank you for joining me.


I would like to acknowledge the generous support and permission from the owners, Donald and Deborah Anderson who are allowing me to ‘daub’ their beautiful New England property with fiction.   

Further, the fictional elements within this series are written in nothing but good faith and with respect and regard for people’s rights to privacy.  To those living and to descendants of former owners and employees, please refer to Disclaimer and Acknowledgements for further details. 

I would like also to acknowledge and pay respects to the traditional custodians, past and present, on whose lands this series is based.