IT'S ON - 2022 High Country Writers Festival & Retreat

5th October 2022
Yes, it is definitely ON.  Regardless of what you might have heard or read, the 2022 events are definitely happening, with the first on the 8th October leading up to the main events from 2nd - 4th December (with options to extend into the week beyond). 8th OCTOBER 2022 LAUNCH in Glen Innes of ... read more

REVISED Dates set for the High Country Writers Retreat 2022

16th December 2021
I'm just popping by to offer a quick crisp and specific update and it goes like this: High Country Writers Retreat at Waterloo Station in northern New South Wales will: Check in: 2pm Thursday 6th October 2022 Check out: 12 noon Tuesday 11th October 2022 The High Country Writers Festival in ... read more

Lured by the shiny bits

9th August 2021
I’ve written it before and I will go on saying it about the High Country Writers Retreat, except there is one major change for 2021.  Yes, it is the pandemic, the other big C word.  In 2020, the second High Country Writers Retreat and Festival defied the trends.  The combined e ... read more

Retreat Update: 10 weeks down, 16 to go and it's looking fabulous!

24th June 2021
2021 High Country Writers Retreat 24th June 2021 BOOK NOW!  PLACES LIMITED – EARLY BIRD RATE from $1410 to $1800 for 4 nights fully catered, hosted and facilitated retreat  SPECIAL RATES  END SUNDAY 8th AUGUST 2021 Everything I wrote in April about the Retreat still st ... read more

Bookings open NOW 2021 High Country Writers Retreat

14th April 2021
'We are thrilled to take the foot off the brake today, to open bookings for the 2021 High Country Writers Retreat at Waterloo Station from 2 pm Thursday 14th October to 12 pm Monday 18th October 2021.' (Virginia Eddy, Retreat Director. BOOK NOW!  PLACES LIMITED – LAST FEW DAYS ... read more

Beauty in bush birds

16th February 2021
Beauty in bush birds The temperature persisted at six degrees above average for more than twenty-four hours.  Dry heat on the western side of the Great Divide in summer is never a surprise.  Mugginess is.  I yearned for the cackling heralds - the kookaburras – to signal rain.&n ... read more

Finishing touches on 2021 High Country Writers Retreat

11th February 2021
Undeterred by 2020’s annus horribilis, the High Country Writers Retreat and Festival at Waterloo Station went ahead!  We welcomed more guest authors, writer-retreaters, and readers than in our inaugural year in 2019, despite COVID-19.   The world grappled with the misery confus ... read more

Strategic Planning High Country Writers Style

14th January 2021
As always, spending an afternoon at Waterloo Station in its glorious atmosphere is balm for the soul. Peace and tranquility are ever present, yet there is always something, somewhere, that's being restored, refurbished, repurposed and created on this working rural station.   October ... read more

Woolshed Writers Tour

9th November 2020
At last! The Author Walk at the High Country Writers Festival in 2020 was the event that launched my new life as a fiction writer.  Prue Dudley adapted quickly, cleverly and graciously to my camera-phobia, thank you Prue.  Persistent rain, lashed by intermittent downpours, demanded a ... read more

What's Coming from January to July 2021

21st October 2020
From January 2021: The Waterloo Series – many more micro and short pieces underway, see Series for details. From April 2021: Micro Fiction Unclassified Series – pieces from my archives and new ideas waiting to be formed.    From April 2021: Short Stories Unclassified Series & ... read more

Open Invitation

20th October 2020
It is one thing to create and craft stories for our own enjoyment, and quite another to stimulate and inspire the minds of others.  In pursuit of the latter, I accept that my work is a constant, day-by-day, hour-by-hour commitment to professional development, from corporate writer and advisor t ... read more

Disclaimer & Acknowledgments

19th October 2020
Each story by D’Arcy Lloyd is inspired by one or more facts or anecdotes.  In the case of the latter, it is acknowledged that one person’s anecdote, whether first-hand or not, might not reflect another’s from the same situation.  Any facts or anecdotes, that inspire me, t ... read more

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