Retreat Update: 10 weeks down, 16 to go and it's looking fabulous!

24th June 2021

2021 High Country Writers Retreat

24th June 2021



from $1410 to $1800 for 4 nights fully catered, hosted and facilitated retreat 


Everything I wrote in April about the Retreat still stands, and so hear me singing it again, with just a little footnote.

If you are yearning for a big dollop of elusive exclusive time to get lost in your writerly world, make this your event for 2021. 

If you are looking for a more flexible program that is tailored specifically to your writerly wants or needs, make this your event for 2021. 

If connecting with other writers along with established guest authors is part of the cocktail that inspires you to keep writing, then this is your event in October 2021. 

What I wouldn't give to have one of these retreats at Waterloo Station every three months, with endless spaces to work, relax, and share the writerly highs and lows with fellow writers.  There is nothing more motivating for those who are still dreaming about becoming a writer than being with others who are living a writers' life in part or completely. 

If you're thinking 'one day', write this in big letters on your wall: One day begins now, today, or that 'one day' writerly life will never arrive!     

Privileged with some 'insider information', I'm becoming madly excited about the writers who will be joining me.  Naturally, being a part of the growing list of wonderful guest authors who will be appearing at the High Country Writers Festival event tickles the excitement meter too.  

For more information, including terms and conditions, click on the links above and/or contact VIRGINIA EDDY, RETREAT DIRECTOR, on 0412 708 315

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