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20th October 2020

It is one thing to create and craft stories for our own enjoyment, and quite another to stimulate and inspire the minds of others.  In pursuit of the latter, I accept that my work is a constant, day-by-day, hour-by-hour commitment to professional development, from corporate writer and advisor to fiction author.  

In my quest, to stimulate and inspire you, my reader, I must search for the same.  I accept that it takes a forever time to write a ‘big book’, so along the way I will be creating ‘little reads’ – often!  

As I travel the highways and byways to D’Arcy Lloyd’s ‘big-books-destinations’, please drop in for my latest ‘little reads’, whether micro fiction, short stories or an update.  You might find that a micro story you read some time ago has grown into a short story, or the reverse!  

Elements of one story might have seeded an entirely new story or a series of stories, influenced by newfound facts or chance meetings or random ‘attacks of imagination’.  Quite simply, don’t be surprised to find that my stories have evolved.  If you are a Subscriber to Updates, I promise to give you a highlighted version of the changes so that you don’t have to read the whole story again.

On the assumption I’m talking with kindred travellers, I hope you will ride this journey with me.  If I succeed in enriching your day in some way, I hope that you will feel as welcome as a favoured house guest who returns, often, to catch up. 

If or when you find I never seem to be at home anymore, because there’s nothing new to share with you, let me know you called in.  I’ll be sure to stock the metaphorical ‘fridge’ with new offerings, ready for your return.  Please, don’t leave without letting me know you called in, hoping for the latest or setting me a challenge.

I look forward to your company and thank you for joining me. 

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