What's Coming from January to July 2021

21st October 2020

From January 2021: The Waterloo Series – many more micro and short pieces underway, see Series for details.

From April 2021: Micro Fiction Unclassified Series – pieces from my archives and new ideas waiting to be formed.   

From April 2021: Short Stories Unclassified Series – the same again. 

From January 2021: Reflections Series – matters creative I just need to share or vent.

From January 2021: Updates - subscribe for free with your email address to receive Updates on all matters created by D’Arcy Lloyd.

Updates every quarter from January 2021: Big Books Series - a number of novels waiting to be fully expressed, one-novel at a time.

The first, underway at a trickle, began with a working title ‘Nasturtiums in the Wheatfield’.  It has moved on to ‘Reclamation’ but whatever its title in the end, gestation has been interrupted and long.  It is well-formed enough to reveal it is an Australian rural saga sprinkled with some big city influence.  It spans 4 generations, 4 families, 1 funeral, rural and urban properties and mindsets, white-collar crime, coincidences, and serendipitous discoveries.  

I find inspiration and motivation to stay the course for the ‘big books’ goals from the reflections of many great authors, including Baroness Karen Blixen, Danish Author 1886-1962

When you have a great and difficult task, something perhaps almost impossible, if you only work a little at a time - every day a little – suddenly the work will finish itself.  

The little at a time, every day, doesn’t always play out, but the determination persists.

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