Disclaimer & Acknowledgments

19th October 2020

Each story by D’Arcy Lloyd is inspired by one or more facts or anecdotes.  In the case of the latter, it is acknowledged that one person’s anecdote, whether first-hand or not, might not reflect another’s from the same situation.  Any facts or anecdotes, that inspire me, that I or others might deem scurrilous will be subject to due legal scrutiny and approvals, or not published at all. 

To ensure that confusion or disapproval is avoided, relevant facts or first-hand anecdotes are declared as a footnote to each story.  Whether you choose to read the footnotes first, last, or not at all is entirely your choice.  While my stories are not thrillers or intrigue, I encourage you to leave the discovery until the end.  

Unless declared otherwise, each story is largely a product of my imagination.  If per chance any events should reflect real events or people, they are coincidental, if not miraculous. 

If you have direct or historical connections to people, places or events named specifically in my stories, and you would like to contribute to the story’s veracity, please contact me.  I will be happy to consider changes to a story, provided privacy, respect and nothing but good faith is maintained.  

The Waterloo Series 

There is no malice aforethought for owners or workers, past or present, at Waterloo Station.  If you are a descendant of anyone - owners or employees - with any facts hearsay or anecdotes that you would like to discuss, please contact me.  Your story will be regarded in confidence and treated with respect.  

I would like to acknowledge the generous support and permission from the owners, Don and Deborah Anderson who are allowing me to ‘daub’ their beautiful property with fiction.

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